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Our Vision

There is a growing body of research showing a connection between human health and wellbeing and the design and structure of towns, cities and regions. This research suggest that designated ‘green spaces’ within urban settings provide a number of benefits, namely: health benefits associated with access to public open space and parks.

Access to vegetated areas such as parks, open spaces, and playgrounds has been associated with better perceived general health, reduced stress levels, reduced depression and more. Recreation and community building. Having safe spaces for recreational activities, exercise and play are essential for promoting health within the community.

Parks also provide an ideal setting for interacting with neighbours, developing family relationships and making new friends – all contributing towards a happier town. Environmental benefits.  A network of parks and open spaces that include protected natural lands, ecological reserves, wetlands, and other green areas is critical to providing healthy habitats for humans, wildlife and plants in urban settings. Natural landscapes are vital to preserving regional ecosystems amid growing towns.

The Plan

To maximize these benefits, we would like to establish various parks in the Howick area that meet the needs of the immediate community. If you would like to assist in the funding, planning and development of these parks please contact the Love Howick office.