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Rob Askew
Love Howick’s Operations Leader


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Our Vision

A safe and beautiful Howick Falls area, having the wonderful potential to becoming a destination/ place of choice for tourists, visitors and local families, friends and individuals.

This is possible through voluntary participation in exciting and innovative projects between individual members of the community, the business sector, government, private security industry, churches, schools, media, non-profit organisations, community based organisations, and specific interest groups, etc. 

A huge, positive difference can be made through 60 minutes or more of volunteerism, materials and supplies and/ or monetary donations (once off or monthly). Since November 2016, a number of action steps have already been taken to improve the area. Opportunities abound for further improvements. 

The partnership projects identified are considered support to the uMngeni Municipality and South African Police Service, and not intended to replace or take over any service related function.



For placement at the vehicle entrance to the grass area of Goddard Park to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering and driving on the grass of the park. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians: Donate or sponsor

Car-guards/ Vehicle parking attendants:

A registration and monitoring system. Consideration can also be given for him/ her to be ‘adopted’, thereby helping to transform their life


Crime Safety ambassador:

Serve as one


Green teams:

Helping to improve the environment through landscaping, gardening, picking up litter, other identified action steps


Identification clothing:

for car-guards / vehicle parking attendants, street patrollers, etc (specially designed):

Donate or sponsor



Donate or sponsor a litter-bin


Love Howick T-shirts

For the volunteers, creating a brand recognition with our Love Howick heart.

Donate or sponsor


Magnetic stickers

For vehicles used for street patrol, support: Donate or sponsor


Painting team

For infrastructure upgrades


Pamphlets / brochures

Welcome tourists and residents to Howick Falls and publish requested behavior to ensure safety, order and beauty prevails. Donate or sponsor


Pamphlet/brochure distribution to visitors

Volunteers needed.



Daytime, Monday to Sunday (walking, bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, etc) to monitor, make observations, report unlawful, suspicious, dodgy behaviour by persons and recommend solutions to minimise such behaviour


Flashing Light for Patrols

Portable flashing amber lights for temporary use on patrol support vehicles: Donate or sponsor


Red flags

For use in conjunction with traffic cones – to warn approaching drivers of vehicles to exercise caution: Donate or sponsor


Road Verge Renavation

Renovate a verge/ ‘adopt-a-spot’


Road safety

Identify and minimize risks



Supply and delivery of large rocks for placement between cement bollards of Goddard Park. This is to prevent vehicles from entering and driving on the grass of the park, thereby ensuring the safety of pedestrians


Shelters of crafters

Protecting artists at the view-site: Renovation


Signage and display boards:

Donate or sponsor



Pay system and Renovation of existing building, namely roof


Tourism Safety Action Group (TSAG):

Howick Falls precinct. A sub-forum of the Howick Community Police Forum (ongoing): Participation


Traffic cones:

x 20, 750 mm height (10 x fluorescent, dayglo orange cones and x 10 fluorescent, lime-yellow cones, all with white reflective strips): To safeguard and cordon off areas when the need arises: Donate or sponsor