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19 Morling Street, Howick
9am – 4pm Mon-Fri


With systemic poverty and unemployment on the rise in our community, the Love Howick Dream Centre was birthed to break the cycle of poverty, by equipping and empowering the unemployed with employability and entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families.

Using the ‘Work for a Living’ programme developed by Siya Sebenza, the Dream Centre runs various training programmes aimed at addressing the barriers to entering the job market, as well as overcoming the skills deficit present in our labour force.

Through lectures, role-playing, assignments and mentorships, this programme has a proven track record around South Africa of producing employable adults who have a strong work ethic and a passion for excellence, integrity and commitment in the workplace.

We run three phases of training:

Please see for further information on courses and see for yourself how students graduating from this programme are sought out by industry leaders.

Phase 1:  Job Readiness Programme

This is a 13-day programme and there is a cost of R100

Phase 2:  Job Skills Programmes

These include merchandising, cashiers, computer literacy, waitering, barista training, welding, office management and entrepreneurship.

Phase 3:  Job Centre

Recruiting for your next vacancy – why not let us help you?

Computer Literacy

Office Administrator

Job Readiness Course

Parenting With Courage


We would love you to consider how you can partner with our vision to see the unemployed in our community ‘empowered to make a change’, and so transform the future of our Nation. Together we can!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Centre to set up a time to meet with our Director and discuss how you can get involved.


Financial Partner

    1. Make a once-off donation or
    2. Sign a monthly debit order to help fund the monthly operating costs (R35 000) of the Dream Centre (rent, lights & water, staff salaries, student costs etc.)

Contact our Centre Director to find out if there are specific needs (equipment/furniture/computers) that you can contribute towards.


Volunteer Time or Services

  1. Support the Dream Centre with free or discounted services or goods
  2. Volunteer your time (student support, course facilitation, catering and/or general service)
  3. Become a mentor (assist a young entrepreneur on their journey to starting a business)

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